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In versions previous to OL2007 in contacts, I could search for multiple names separated by semicolons (or commas, maybe). A search on "Tom; Dick; Harry" would find all the Toms, the Tommys, the Harrys and all the people who live in Dickinson.

But in OL2007, it searchs for exactly what's in the box. "Tom" will find Toms. "Dick" will find Dicks. but "Tom,Dick" won't find anything unless I've actually have a "Tom,Dick".

Is there anyway to search with multiple words?

My bulk mail server gives me a report of all bad addresses. I used to be able to paste all of them at once into the search box and pull them up to delete them all at once. In OL200, I must type or paste them one at a time, taking many hours instead of minutes.

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correct, you need to use all caps for the operators - AND, OR, NOT.

On the periods, they work in a general search (type word1.word2 in the search field), not when searching the from field - for that you need to use From:(word1 OR Word2)


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