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Question #1

Diana actually helped me with this the other day, but i was unable to get it working--I very much appreciated the response though, and hope i can still resolve the issue.

I was trying to setup an Outlook.cmd that would open multiple folders when starting Outlook, using this as the code:

@start "" "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office\Office15\outlook.exe" /select outlook:Inbox

@start "" "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office\Office15\outlook.exe" /select outlook:Calendar

@start "" "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office\Office15\outlook.exe" /select <outlook://Mailbox - XXXXXXXX%20XXXX/Inbox> (XXX is in place of the actual folder name that had a space in it)

This is the only way i could run this without getting an error, but it will not open the last mailbox window--which is for another user that i am a delegate for. Any ideas on how to get this to work? I did try the original code that Diana recommended --Outlook:”Mailbox – Mary Conrad/Sent Items” ) with this i get an error that outlook cannot start.

Along with this--is there a way to force outlook to remember window size and location? People have said to use File>Exit and it will remember, but that doesnt seem to work for me.

Question #2 (using outlook 2013)

I am a full delegate for another user (USER-A lets say). What i would like to do is create a task for USER-A from an email in USER-A's inbox. What is happening now is that outlook will only allow me to create it in my own tasks. This seems like it should be so simple, but i cannot figure out how to get it to work correctly. I do NOT want to have to delegate the task to USER-A and have them have to accept every task that is assigned to them, i just want to create a task in THEIR task list. I have tried creating a QuickStep to do this, but it wont let me pick a Tasks folder to send messages to.

Question #3 (Outlook 2013)

I have 2 users that are using surface pro tablets, and when mousing over appointments in the calendar, then do not get a pop-up with additional info like everyone else using Outlook 2013 sees by default. Is this something within the surface tablet that may be disabling this functionality, or is it a glitch in Outlook? I have checked the options and matched them so they are the same as a users that has the correct functionality.
Easy questions first. :) on #2 - check your folder permissions. You should be able to create tasks if you have the correct permissions. You won't be able to use QS - they are limited to your own mailbox. If you do this often, you could use a macro if you don't want to drag the message to the task folder.

Are they using their fingers? Not all features are touch enabled.

Is this the one you mean?


It comes up when i touch on my Sony tablet with my finger, so it is touch enabled.

- - - Updated - - -

Dang, forgot question 1. :)

File exit should remember the window size and placement. If Outlook does not close cleanly, it won't remember. So, check in Task manager, if its still running a few seconds after closing, it may not remember the windows.

I'll test the shortcuts and see if i can figure it out.
They can create tasks manually for the person they are a delegate of, but they would like to be able to create a task from an email. For example, they can drag an email (from the delegates inbox) onto the word "tasks" at the bottom of the page (if you dont have compact navigation turned on) and it will create a task, but in the owners tasks, not the delegates. and we cannot find any other other way to create an task from an email for a delegate.

Your image shows exactly what i mean, but on the microsoft surface pro tablet, they do not get that additional info to pop up. (either using their finger, or when they use a bluetooth mouse to mouse-over it). I have checked the settings in options and they are all enable to show popups/tooltips

I may just have to give up on the 3rd one, as i cannot get the same windows to ever open/let along getting them to remember their screen location. I wish windows would get around to fixing their windows size/placement issues that have been around since before XP.
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