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I am using Outlook 10 32 bit with a main hotmail account and this works fine. I am keen to add a couple of other accounts, one is an Exchange one, the other one a POP3 Google-based one and get all the e-mails delivered into my hotmail account in Outlook. I have suceeded adding the Exchange account, however I am having 2 different accounts and 2 different calendars right now. Is there any way to sort this out ?


Exchange is a server-based account so you will need to have two data files. While you could change the folders Exchange uses for delivery, it that deletes the mail from the Exchange server and moves to the the hotmail server. Doing this can make a mess of your Exchange calendar and affect your free/busy information (seen by coworkers).

The above also applies to the gmail pop3 account. If you deliver it to the hotmail folder it will upload all the mail to the hotmail server and replies may come from your hotmail account.

The recommendation is to use separate data files for each account and put the folders you use the most on the Favorite Mail folder. Calendar and contact folders can't be deleted but you can move them to a new group then collapse the group to hide the folders.
Do you want all gmail delivered to Hotmail / stored on the hotmail servers? If so, you can configure hotmail to POP the gmail account instead of configuring it in Outlook. Note that when an online account (hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc) POPs other accounts and you download the mail into outlook, all replies will be from the account that downloaded the mail into outlook.

Having Outlook download the gmail and put it in the hotmail folders (see ptech's reply) will allow you to reply using the gmail account, at least at first. It's my experience that when you store all mail in an online account, it eventually forgets which account downloaded the mail and replies go out through Hotmail. (It forgets faster when you use multiple computers to access Hotmail.)
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