Outlook contacts with Hotmail. - Error >>>The text exceeds the limit of 1024 characters. Type a shor

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I am using Outlook connector to synch my Outlook 2007 client to Hotmail. I was using a different service. I have a pst file with all my contacts and after I set up Outlook 2007 with Outlook connector to link with my Hotmail account I tried to import these contacts in the pst file into the Outlook default contact list. However, I get the following messageThe text exceeds the limit of 1024 characters. Type a shorter amount of text or click ok to have a local copy different to the one on the server."

If I can't importat my contacts with all of the associated data that I keep in the notes field then this is a show stopper for me and I'll have to use a different mail system. I just want to know if there is a way to keep all my notes data in all of the contacts and use Hotmail/Outlook/Outlook Connector. Is there a way to pay for larger notes fields in the contacts so I can use Hotmail??
Let me get this straight. You are expecting Outlook Connector to be able to upload Contacts created in a pre-existing Outlook PST file that was used with a transport OTHER than hotmail into your hotmail account? That ain't how it works. Hotmail can't connect to your PST file. It knows nothing about PST files. The only reason to have a PST file in a profile with a hotmail account is so that you have a repository for items you want to sotre locally.

If you want your existing Outlook contacts imported into your hotmail account, you export them to CSV file then import them directly into your hotmail account.

Russ Valentine
No, you can't have a larger notes field in hotmail - its a limitation of the server. (You are also limited to 1000 contacts and one contacts folder with hotmail.) You can certainly store the contacts in your local pst - you don't need to upload contacts to use hotmail.

Re: Outlook contacts with Hotmail. - Error >>>The text exceeds the limit of 10

This is easy to repro, and I've seen this occur in Outlook 2007, 12 and 2010, and it occurs randomly regardless of the how many characters are in the contact or if you are using an Exchange server or a PST. Simply copy contacts from the Exchange contacts into the Hotmail Contacts folder and you will get the message. Some contacts will copy across with no error but many will cause the error. I see no pattern to indicate why some contacts do this and others do not.
Re: Outlook contacts with Hotmail. - Error >>>The text exceeds the limit of 10

long company names and a lot of text in the message body are not supported in hotmail. Probably other fields will trigger such messages too - i just exerienced those two.
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