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I have started to use journal in microsoft outllook and found it to be very useful. However, when I create a new task (not from within journal) it does not appear on the timeline. Similarly if I create a task on the timeline it does not appear in my tasks. Is there a way to correct this or are these two functions entirely seperate?


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The functions are separate. You can create a journal entry for a task, but when you create a journal entry, it won't create a task. The journal is like a diary and records things you did in Outlook. Things you put in the journal are only in the journal.

Microsoft is disabling many of the journal features in future versions. In older versions you could configure it to journal tasks and other things in Outlook and Office. That is gone from Outlook 2013. I forget what they removed from Outlook 2010, but go to File, Options and see if there is a page for Journal. You might be able to make it journal tasks automatically.
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