Journal to show Phone Number dialled.

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Outlook version
Email Account
Windows 7 Office 2003

How can I make the Outlook Journal record details of a phone call I have made, including the number called.

In Journal, my "customized" current view has the fields Contact, Start Time & Duration.

However after the call, Journal only shows Start Time and duration, no Contact.

I can select Contacts, double click the required contact entry, click the phone icon,

check "create new Journal Entry when starting new call"

Start call (my modem dials the number)

click "Talk" when call is answered.

Save and Close Journal Entry at end of call

click end call.

Help on this would be appreciated.

It's been forever since I had a computer that I could dial from or used the journal - I don't recall if you needed to enable something in Journal options or not... from my recollection, it should work following your steps. If you open the contact and look on the Activities page, does it find the journal entry?
Hi Diane

Thanks for the response.

If I open the Contact and look on the Activities page, I see the "Subject" field, which says 'Phone Call',

and the "In Folder" field which says' Journal'.

I can use "Customise Current View" to add the field "Business Phone" but nothing appears under it.
The only fields you'll see are the ones for journal entries, and in looking at the All Journal list, I don't see phone # recorded. The Contact that is linked to the journal is listed - you need to open the contact to view the phone #.

This is what my journal looks like when i use call contact & journal - the contact is linked at the bottom. (Fortunately, it opens first, before trying to dial, as I don't have a modem. :))

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