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I am using a script very similar to the one posted here (Outlook VBA for marking a new mail as a task before sending) which sets a customer UserProperty on an email being written. Also, concurrently, the SentItems folder is being monitored and when it sees email with that property takes some actions.

While drafting an email, is there a way to show a visual indicator that a macro was run or that a custom UserProperty was set? Ideally, I'd have a button for the macro on the ribbon that visually indicates whether the button was pushed or not. Alternatively, is there a way to have a button or something that checks UserProperties and changes visually depending on the UserProperty?
Are you using an itemadd or adding it as the message form was opened?

You would need to use a custom toolbar to create a toggle button. I don't have any samples that do this though.
Hi Diane. Yes, itemadd. While the message is opened, the macro adds a userproperty. Another script is looking for itemadd to the Sent Folder and when it sees an item added with that user property, it does some things.

The way I see it, the visual indication would have to either act on the userproperty existing, or triggering the macro.

Is there a way to make a custom form that looks for certain userproperties and changes visually when it sees one?
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