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I created VBA code to automate the formatting and language selection in new e-mail messages and replies to e-mails, because I send a lot of e-mail and in different languages.

One irritating issue which I cannot resolve is the spell check that is performed on the e-mail subject. My default setting in Outlook options for languages is Dutch and all other languages I use are installed in the second list (editing languages). The default Outlook display option is Dutch, but I don't think that this setting is affecting (of should affect) the spell checker.

Setting the language for the e-mail body text happens flawless, either applied to the selected text or from the start of the message until the applies signature bookmark. However, the language used in the subject field is not touched and as a result, every false positive in the spell check requires me to perform unnecessary clicks. Even sending a e-mail manually, selecting the subject text, setting the correct language, still shows a misspelling (see screenshot).


Is it possible to change the language of the subject field in VBA and if not, to which setting is it the language in the subject field related?

I appreciate your help!

Thx Diane. But which property to set here? I cannot find any property related to the header language in the mailitem itself.
That's what I'm not sure - but will try to find out.
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