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    Outlook macro to automate search and forward process

    is this possible? Is there a way to use a macro that will search an inbox for a part of a subject line from an email then forward the search results to another email? Example: Macro is triggered, for each COMPLETE email in the inbox, subject line of the email is “This is the subject COMPLETE”...
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    Create A Search Folder That Looks For Message Class?

    we have a Document Management System that when an email is sent or received and is filed it gets given a Message class that contains EMS, I want a code that will create a search folder that will search "Sent Items" for a message class that contains EMS? Thanks in advance
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    Insert link in email body to attached document in Outlook 365

    Hello, The folowing code worked OK in 2013: Private Sub attachementTool() Dim msg, Dim attach Set msg = Application.CreateItem(0) msg.To = "me@gmail.com" msg.Subject = "test link" msg.HTMLBody = "<html><body>click <a href=""cid:attachCid1"">here</a> to open attachment <br />" & _ "click <a...
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    VBA Code in Outlook disappears after first use

    Hi, I have a simple VBA code in Outlook 2016 that pops up when users send an email that does not contain our domain name. This works fine on a local machine using a local profile but when I transfer the code to accounts in a Citrix environment the code works only once and then disappears and...
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    Run time error 424. object required in outlook 2013

    Hi I was trying to build a custom based form in outlook 2013. I got the tutorial on News, Tips, and Advice for Technology Professionals - TechRepublic I followed the step and was able to add a combobox to the form as well as a VB Script. But each time i run the form the combobos did populate...
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    Adding new Exchange (2016) rule very slow down Microsoft Outlook

    1 down vote favorite We have recently rolled out Exchange 2016 + Outlook 2016 across our business, and have just finished migrating users over to this. One of our machine which has 20GB Email (automated emails for logging) takes ages when creating a rule within...