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I have recently rebuilt my computer after a disk failure. I reinstalled Outlook 2007 and imported all my information (lost all my rules and can't find a way to copy them for this situation).

I have set all accounts to check every 15 minutes but appears to be ignored. I just have to regularly check manually. I tried the copy in case there was some corruption but neither seemed to work.
No idea where else to look at settings or what to do.
Obviously NOT critical but is annoying
Any help appreciated


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Rules are stored in the pst file - if you copied the old pst, they should be available but would need to be repointed to the folders. Rules (and custom views) are not included when you export. You could export rules to a file (rwz) before rebuilding, although that is only useful if you could get into the old system.

Click the Edit button in the Send and Receive dialog - are the accounts selected to send and receive? POP3 and IMAP accounts should be selected. (Exchange accounts shouldn't be selected.)

Did you move any other files from the old computer? The SRS file (holds send and receive settings) could affect this, but shouldn't be the problem if you created a new profile in outlook.

I'll take a look at the pst files (I did recover all data from pst rather than csv's). Creating new rules no real problem - too many old ones no longer being utilised

WRT the email checking every 15 minutes - both accounts have the same settings - panda (originally Peter & Anne not a black & white cuddly creature from China!) & Anne (couldn't stand panda !) and are as per attachmentView attachment 1006.

I think this illustrates how I have setup the system and in line with your suggestions.
Been using Outlook for many years but this seems really weird
The account looks like it is configured correctly. What antivirus are you using - does it install an Outlook addin?
I believe I have Microsoft Essentials / McAfee.
This was setup when the new disk was installed.
I also have a licence for F-Secure but not installed
Showing details below (apologies but getting to the limits of my understanding of Outlook)

MES doesn't scan email as its sent and received, so it wouldn't be a problem.

If you don't use an Exchange mailbox or Sharepoint, you can disable the Exchange unified messaging and Sharepoint add-ins. Outlook Mobile is used to send email by SMS if you have a correct type of phone. If you aren't using it, disable it too. To do that, click the Go button at the bottom of the dialog (in the screenshot) and uncheck those.

I don't expect it will help with the problem at hand, but Outlook should run a little better.
Diane - sorry for delay.
Have made 2 of changes above. Outlook Mobile won't delete unless I am 'Administrator'.

Earlier when I had the disk replaced I had an OLMAPI32.dll error and following that stdole32.tlb error (when entering Excel). Both have been resolved / gone away but just wondered if they could part of some jigsaw.

Just amazed how much time spent trying to get something to do what it should do and has done in the past !
Thanks for reply - not really a problem but have taken another look and I can't see an obvious way to run as administrator .

The screen shot shows the 2 places I can access Outlook from. I don't have a desktop shortcut - don't need one with ICON Pinned to toolbar.

If Ctrl+Shift+ Right click doesn't work, try Ctrl+Shift+Alt + right click on the shortcut. You could go into the shortcut properties and set it to always run as admin, but that is a PITA because then you need to disable it when you no longer need to run as admin.

This is from the taskbar icon for another program because it only works if the program is not already running, so i can't do it on outlook. :)

I can use Ctrl+Shift + Right click on windows 8, but wrote that Ctrl+Shift+Alt + right click on 7.

Diane - thanks for your help.

I think I found the problem!

Never looked here before.

I'll UNCHECK this item and suspect / hope all is now well.


Thanks for your help
that looks to me like it's the fix :)
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