Unusual Signature & Spell Check Query

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Outlook 2013 32 bit
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I run a small, but successful, business and use Outlook 2013 for all emails. I've used Outlook for many years and know / use / understand many of it's great features.

Here's my issue:

I've created a 'signature', and I've used this for years....but it's a split 'signature' in that there is some text at the top and some text at the bottom (name, email address, disclaimer etc) and I type the email message in between...as a completely made up example of what I mean:

The Best Bread in the World

[I type my email message here....."Dear Mr Smith, thank you for your enquiry, your bread will be delivered tomorrow......"]

Kind regards

The Bread Man


t: 01234 567890

Obviously because I'm typing the new message in the signature area, spell check does not work, although it's enabled. Just to be clear, if I don't use this signature, the spell check works fine. I also appreciate that I'm taking liberty in calling what I've created, a 'signature'....technically it's not and I do know this.

Is there a way to create a header that'll be automatically shown when clicking 'Reply', 'Forward' or 'New Mail' stating 'The Best Bread in the World', via text and not HTML, at the top of every email that's not considered part of the signature so spell checking would work? The 'Kind regards text would then be an actual signature and everything written in between the 'header' and signature would be spell checked....

Again, thank you in advance for your assistance
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