Outlook Signature Distorted in Other Email Clients

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I created an Outlook signature here (http://www.exclaimer.com/email-signature-creator/) and it works fine when someone views an email I send in Outlook. However, if I send email to a gmail address, the signatures font changes and the pictures get distorted.

The .html file and pictures the signature uses are in a local folder so I can edit them.

Is there a way to make sure the signature will work with other email clients and mobile devices?

Thanks for any help.
Any ideas for this? I'm basically wondering how to make an Outlook signature compatible with all other email clients (including mobile)
I'm guessing it's due to the way the CSS is added. Open the HTML page in Notepad - the CSS needs to be in every element, not as classes.

style="font-size: 11px; color: #969696"

not good:

On the picture, did you use one the exact size you wanted it, preferably no wider than about 500 px. You need to use the exact size - don't count on height and width measurements to resize it.
It looks like there are some classes in the .htm file (attached). I specified the exact height/width for pictures. Do you see anything else that might be wrong?


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Focusing on the image first - how large is it? (in pixels) Can you post a picture of what it looks like in use so i can compare it?
Different email clients are below. It appears to only work with Outlook addresses within the company. Any idea how to standardize it?



Outlook (sent to an address within the company, Outlook 2010):


Outlook (sent to Outlook 2013 at different company):

Whoa. Is that really the size in Gmail? Is the browser zoomed? Do you have an HTML editor? I'd save the file you posted as an html file and tweak it - you can do it in notepad if you don't have an editor, but an editor with WYSIWYG mode would be easier.

Start with this:
<span style='font-family:"Eras Medium ITC","sans-serif"; mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman"
Remove mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman"

I'd either replace this: mso-bidi-font-size with font-size or add font-size: to the style, using the same values used for mso-bidi.

I guess Eras is a common font, at least in windows, but if it is not available, it should be replaced with sans-serif.
I removed all references to Times New Roman and changed to static widths for the tables. It still shows up as large in gmail. I initially edited the file in Word, but am now using Dreamweaver. Any idea what else I can change?


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what are the dimensions of the image? Gmail won't use the height and width to resize the image - you need to use an image that is the exact size.
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