Outlook 2k/2k3 Reply or Forward: Signature image replaced by original sender

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The problem is that if one of our employees attempts to reply or forward a message from another employee, the image in the signature of the original sender replaces the image in the signature of the replying/forwarding sender.

I have been struggling with this issue for a long time and I usually just resort to telling users not to include their signature in replies or forwards.

Here's the details: We have an Exchange 2007 server. This only appears to happen with Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2003 clients. They are using HTML as the message type, and the signature is a custom HTML signature that has VERY little code in it. Just enough to display a small image which is customized for the employee. Users are not using cached Exchange mode.

Clearing temp files, secure temp files and registry cleaning doesn't change the problem. Renaming the image file in the signature doesn't change anything. Even removing and reinstalling Microsoft office makes no difference. The only time I have seen the problem go away was when we reimaged the computer.

The problem does not immediately occur and in fact many 2000/2003 users don't have any problem. I have not found anything in particular that might be triggering this, updates are pushed out by WSUS so if it was an update I'd think it would have impacted all of them.

I'm really at a loss and before I just hang this on "if signatures on replies and forwards doesn't work right, then don't do it".


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Re: Outlook 2k/2k3 Reply or Forward: Signature image replaced by original send

The only thing I've seen like this is when the image in the sender's sig is in the securetemp folder and the temp folder is "full" but you say you emptied the temp folder.

Was the signature created in Outlook 2003 or is it an html signature created in an html editor? Signatures can be goofy if outlook doesn't write the HTMl.


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Re: Outlook 2k/2k3 Reply or Forward: Signature image replaced by original send

Thanks, great question.

I do use custom HTML because recipient email clients were balking at the smart tags that Outlook/Word was putting in the HTML.

Outlook _shouldn't_ have a problem with this code. The code is as simple as this:

<img src="signature.jpg" 

It's worked fine for years and still works fine on many Outlook 2000 and 2003 machines but at some point they go haywire and the problem I describe starts happening. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

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Re: Outlook 2k/2k3 Reply or Forward: Signature image replaced by original send

It's been awhile since I used Outlook 2003 and 2002 but i thought you could turn smart tags off. Test on one system - try going into the Signature editor and open the signature then save it - Outlook will rewrite the html.
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