check if send message appears in SendItems forder before moving

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Outlook 2010 32 bit
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I'm using the code below (snipset) to send a mail with a Excel range in the body from within Excel.

This works almost perfect.

The only problem i'll have (randomly) is that i see that the send message isn't always moved to the destination folder.

To avoid this behavior, i would like to check if the send message appears into the Send Items folder before i move it to the destination folder.

Anyone out there who can provide me those few code lines that i need to place between the .send & moving the message to the destination folder (between the 2 red lines in the sub below)?

I think that a kind of loop will do it, but i have no clue on how to code it. All used code so far in this sub comes from different sites, and put it toghether like a jigsaw .

the criteria to look for is: strSubject & Date (green line).

Code below runs from a Excel 2010 worksheet and use late binding.

This makes it easier to distribute or run the worksheet on different PC's without the need to set everywhere a reference to the Outlook 14 vba library.

Sub Mail_Selection_Range_Outlook_Body()

'basic code from:


' Don't forget to copy the function RangetoHTML in the module.

' Working in Office 2000-2010


'adapted & extended by Ludo Soete


'create a new folder to store the mails after sending

'folder name = "Verpakte Units"

'if folder doesn't exist, create it

On Error GoTo errorhandler

Set myDestFolder = mySendMail.Folders("Verpakte Units")


On Error Resume Next

With OutMail

> To = strMailToRec1 & ";" & strMailToRec2 & ";" & strMailToRec3 & ";" & strMailToRec4 'strRecipient

> CC = ""

> BCC = ""

> Subject = strSubject & Date

> HTMLBody = strBody1 & "<br>" & "<br>" & strBody2 & "<br>" & strFrom & "<br>" & "<br>" & "Verstuurd om: " & Time & "<br>" & "<br>" & RangetoHTML(rng)

.Send '.Display '

'inform the user that the mail has been send

'dont move this, ensure there's enough time to send so that we can move the mail

If blnMsgboxSendToMessage = True Then

MsgBox "Uw mail werdt verstuurd naar :" & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & strMailToRec1 & vbCrLf & strMailToRec2 & vbCrLf & strMailToRec3 & vbCrLf & strMailToRec4, vbInformation, "Mail verstuurd"

End If

'check if message moved to the SendItems folder before moving to destination folder


'move send mail to myDestination folder

Set myItem = myItems.Find("[Subject] =" & strSubject & Date) '

While TypeName(myItem) <> "Nothing"

If myItem.Subject = strSubject & Date Then

myItem.Move myDestFolder

End If

Set myItem = myItems.FindNext


strDestinationFolder = myDestFolder.Name

strSendMailboxName = mySendMail.Name

'show frmMsgMovedMessage depending on the blnfrmShowMovedMessage value

If blnfrmShowMovedMessage = True Then


End If

End With

End Sub

Thanks for any help


Not open for further replies.
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