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    Open Hyperlinks in an Outlook Email Message (Help with Diane's solution)

    I am trying to use Diane's solution but I am stuck. I am trying to use your "Open a specific hyperlink" code. Can you let me know if the only thing I need to change is the .Pattern = "View this thread <(.*)>" part of the code? For example if I want to only click a link with the words "Claim...
  2. D

    Outlook 2013 Macros only run in VB editor, not in drop down or button

    I've created two macros. Both run when VB Editor is open, but not anywhere else. In the first macro I assigned a button to it, but it doesn't run. The second doesn't run from the macro dropdown. Any thoughts? Using desktop version of Outlook for MS 365 MS, 64-bit. Macro security is set to Enable...
  3. D

    Spell check

    I created VBA code to automate the formatting and language selection in new e-mail messages and replies to e-mails, because I send a lot of e-mail and in different languages. One irritating issue which I cannot resolve is the spell check that is performed on the e-mail subject. My default...
  4. A

    How to create fixed signatures for aliases that process through GMAIL?

    I used your VBA macro to ensure that all my Gmail aliases received in Outlook are answered with the "from" address it was sent to. Using a Gmail Master Account: Reply Using the Correct Account - This is working great! My issue now is how to add a fixed signature for these aliases. Outlook only...
  5. M

    Replyall macro with template and auto insert receptens

    Hello ! I am trying to "merge" the Automatic insert receptens name and replyall with template macro.. What am i doing wrong ?? Im trying to merge theese 2. They work seperately. But after adding the autoinsert names to field the Replyall macro with template wont add the item. GOAL: Is that...
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    Problem Checking the available stores in my Inbox (Outlook VBA)

    Hello, I'm trying Check the available stores in my Inbox but stopped in "Next oStore" and I receive this error: Run-time error -941162370 (c7e7007e) Automation Error. Sub Test() Dim myNameSpace As Outlook.NameSpace Dim oStore As Outlook.Store Set myNameSpace =...
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    Outlook VBA How to adapt this code for using in a different Mail Inbox

    Hello, friends. I'm trying to adapt this code for using in a different Mail Inbox named "Workgroup", but I don't get it. I don't know if a need replace entire main "My Inbox" or create a route from there. In any case, I don't get it! In adiccion, I'm trying to categorize my eMails with a blue...
  8. D

    Assign categories to outgoing emails

    Hi Diane, I'm trying to add use a macro that when pressed via a button on the ribbon will add a category to the new/outgoing email. If I start a new email the macro works fine to add the category but as soon as I hit send it seems to be removed and it goes without the category on. The reason...
  9. N

    Outlook Email Rule execution through shortcut keys (VBA codes)

    Hi All, I looking for suggestion for my following VBA code to execute all predefine MS outlook email rules. I have observed email rules can be executed by pressing shortcut keys (Alt+ h + rr + l + r + e + o + c ). However, my following VBA programme does not work well and it leave rule list...
  10. oliv-


    Hi, I need to use "folders icons" for an application. Is there a way to extract dynamically (vba) these ICONS from OUTLOOK , or from a local file ? Now, i used files from What do the Outlook icons mean? - HowTo-Outlook
  11. Peter H Williams

    Enable script containing VBA