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  1. D

    Assign categories to outgoing emails

    Hi Diane, I'm trying to add use a macro that when pressed via a button on the ribbon will add a category to the new/outgoing email. If I start a new email the macro works fine to add the category but as soon as I hit send it seems to be removed and it goes without the category on. The reason...
  2. N

    Outlook Email Rule execution through shortcut keys (VBA codes)

    Hi All, I looking for suggestion for my following VBA code to execute all predefine MS outlook email rules. I have observed email rules can be executed by pressing shortcut keys (Alt+ h + rr + l + r + e + o + c ). However, my following VBA programme does not work well and it leave rule list...
  3. oliv-


    Hi, I need to use "folders icons" for an application. Is there a way to extract dynamically (vba) these ICONS from OUTLOOK , or from a local file ? Now, i used files from What do the Outlook icons mean? - HowTo-Outlook