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  1. D

    Spell check

    I created VBA code to automate the formatting and language selection in new e-mail messages and replies to e-mails, because I send a lot of e-mail and in different languages. One irritating issue which I cannot resolve is the spell check that is performed on the e-mail subject. My default...
  2. M

    Macro to add date/time stamp to subject

    Hi all, A complete Outlook macro newbie here (and a macro newbie in general). I have been trying to get a macro to work to add a date/time stamp to the subject of all emails in the selected outlook folder. I am receiving an error on my 'check' line to avoid duplication of the date/time stamp on...
  3. O

    On click,I want to change subject line of selected mail and then reply to particular email and move

    My purpose to reply the email and then move it to another folder with the updated subject link.I edit the reply subject line with rule and also i need to keep the same subject line as replied and then moved to another folder. Scenario: My colleague moved a mail to my folder(B) from group mail...
  4. K

    Update subject based on text in body

    I would love to be able to automate a time consuming, tedious process that a couple of us are faced with in the office. We receive around 130 emails 6x a year with no way to easily identify the school the email is about. There is a string within the body that looks like this - S987654.X# (the X...
  5. C

    Save Subject of Received Email as a String

    Hello guys, I am looking to save the subject of an email I receive as a string in VBA. I am using Outlook 2013. If anyone could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. Have a great day, and thanks for your input
  6. Aussie

    I Change the Subject Line ... but after it is moved the subject has reverted

    All, I did scour the forum ... and other forums prior to posting … no joy. I am using Widows 10 64b, and Office 365, Outlook 64b, on my desktop which is connected via ActiveSync to "Microsoft". I can change the subject lines on email in the Inbox and save the mail ... no problem there. For...
  7. M

    Outlook adds strange characters inserted into the Subject Line

    Please note the strange characters in the subject field in the following image: I have Outlook 2013 running on a desktop and a laptop. This only occurs on my desktop version. I have done several different virus scans. I have turned off the AVAST antivirus protection. I have created a new...