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I would like to use a second calendar as a diary of the stuff I do all day. First calendar would still hold my appts. Each week I have to report on what I worked on and since Journal is on the downward slide, this is how I think I would like to do it. I have used an app called The Journal from DavidRM for years and it works OK but isn't really meant for this. and it doesn't integrate well with outlook calendar.
The weekly report I would need from this would include both calendars with subject and any notes they might have.
I don't mind creating something custom and I have VBA experience. But where so I even start?

Diane Poremsky

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not knowing exactly how you do the report, you can merge the calendars for printing, export etc - Combine and Print Multiple Outlook Calendars

once they are combined, a second macro could export to a text file or excel or you can use a custom view with the necessary fields then select all copy and paste into excel.
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