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Outlook 2010 64 bit
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I am running outlook 2010 64 bit, but used to run a program called "Calls to Journal". This program would sync my cell phone calls right into my Outlook Journal, which was an outstanding feature. But unfortunately, the program was never updated to run on anything other than Outlook 2007 and on 32 bit. I am using an Iphone now, but am at a loss as to how to sync my phone calls (incoming and outgoing) to Outlook.

Any suggestions?

It might work if you can switch to 32 bit office - most addins do. Unless you need large (2GB) support in Excel or Access, 32bit will give the same response as 64 bit.
Unfortunately, I can't go back to 32 bit with some of my other major programs all set in to work on 64 bit. With the program "Calls to Journal" I was looking for either another program substitute. Or finding a way of doing something with Outlook so as to pick up the historical iphone information that could be automatically loaded into Outlook Journals and they sync'd with the Outlook Contact database to match up to any existing phone numbers. - Dave
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