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Ian Thomas

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Possibly because of increased security both ends (Outlook, gmail) I can no longer send on behalf of my gmail account through Outlook 2013. I get a big failure message (email reply) from the Outlook Exchange server.

I have read a couple of threads in these forums that were created in 2014 or thereabouts, which I think may be too old. When I get well into setting up a new email account for gmail within Outlook, the repeated asking for my password into gmail (which is given correctly) suggests that there have been significant changes that make those older threads unworkable. I have to cancel out.

It would be helpful if someone can direct me to a procedure that is valid in 2020, with Windows 10 fully up-to-date and all updates to Outlook 2013 with an outlook.com account and a hotmail account running successfully for the last 5 years.

I have seen recipes for configuration that suggest iMap setups in both gmail (when logged into my gmail account, of course) and within Outlook. But a recommendation from Slipstick would be more convincing to me.

Thanks, Ian


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Yes you're correct, Google have tightened up their security so you will most likely need to change your Google account security settings to allow less secure apps i.e. older versions of Outlook, and also generate an app-specific password to use with Outlook (vs using your google password).

All very worthy from a pure security perspective, but in the real world it ends up being a PITA because Google periodically pop up easy-click prompts to "fix" security issues when they don't flag up the potential ramifications. I'm constantly having to go and change my mother's account due to this.