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First there is the issue of the on again off again presents of the Send/Rec icon on the Ribbon. I can never depend on it being there, which forces me to use F9. But sometimes it shows up! For example, it has been missing all morning but just now it has re-appeared! I don’t get it! I’ve checked the Options and it’s there; with subfolders but there is no arrow on the ribbon icon to indicate more than the one send/rec option.

My inbox just got a message, which does not appear in the preview pane; instead of a preview of the message it shows an empty message with “mark this message for download”. It also shows “Disconnected” below that. So I clicked the Send/Receive icon; that has just re-appeared and I was reconnected and the message displayed,

I get a lot of confusing error messages;

Sometimes, when trying to delete messages from In box I got: Server didn’t respond to this IMAP command before the command was terminated.

When clicking on a message I sometimes get: not fully downloaded from server.

When I “send/rec” I sometimes get failed to upload headers.

Often rules fail; over and over; even after checking the Rule for accuracy I get ”cannot move to folder”. This from rules that have been working fine and have not been changed.

Sometimes I get this message: “mark for download”

Sometimes when I “send/red” I get “subscribed folders error “cannot connect to server” 0x800CC0E” and “cannot sync subscribed folders; the TCP/IP connection was unexpectedly terminated by the server.” error: Ox800CCC0F

This morning, when I shut Outlook down and tried to reopen it it wouldn’t open, so reboot and it opened.

When clicking on the In Box I sometimes get an empty preview pane: “cannot connect to server”; eventually that clears and the pane populates again.

Generally there are response delays; as though background processes are holding things up.

I checked Carbonite; using 20% of CPU; and closed it. But should 20% CPU activity cause Outlook to choke up?

I don’t understand “subscribed folders” or its relationship to IMAP; which I don’t understand.

I didn’t have these kinds of problems when I was running Outlook on my Win 7 desktop; before I added Outlook 2010 to my Win8 laptop.

I just got another Rule error; the message didn’t get moved. I ran the Rule again and it moved the message; but why did it not work the first time???

Outlook is driving me crazy!!!!!!

ps I just returned to Outlook and the Send/Rec icon is gone missing again!

pps I shut Outlook down and reopened it and the Send/Rec icon is back again!

Ok, I think I have discovered what is going on. Send/Rec goes away when I move off the Inbox folder.
The send and receive button shouldn't disappear when you switch folders - unless you customized the ribbon and removed it. Everything else points to IMAP issues.

IMAP is a server-based protocol - mail is stored on the server and syncs with the client (Outlook in your case). changes you make in Outlook sync back to the server. If you use multiple folders, they all sync to outlook. Sent items sync up, read/unread state syncs up. If you also use webmail and move messages to a folder online, that folder and messages show up in outlook.

If there are folders in the imap account that you don't want to download to computers, you can unsubscribe from it - this removes it from computers but does not delete it from the server. You can log into web mail to access the folder or resubscribe.

POP3 is download only, inbox only.

Is carbonite backing up outlook files? It's not necessary with imap data files as they are a copy of what is on the server. Outlook has a lock on the data files when its open and they could be causing the choke point as carbonite tries to back it up.

It sounds like you are not downloading full messages - press Ctrl+Alt+S to open the send and receive dialog - click Edit then select the imap account and download full messages.
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