Outlook 2016 Sync issues with outlook.com

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Sean Stock

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Hi everyone.

I am experiencing an issue which I just cant understand, and I am hoping someone can throw some light on it.

I have recently upgraded to Office 365 (subscription), and promptly downloaded my shiny new Office 2016. Very happy not having to pay large sums up front, and regular updates for a monthly fee seems reasonable (we do the same with adobe).

Now, all is well, works a treat in terms of desktop usage - so i thought, right - lets come away from gmail and icloud patched in software and let microsoft sync with outlook.com so I can share contacts etc on my mobile and tablet devices.

I set it up in outlook (gave it my microsoft account etc) and everything seemed to chug along nicely.... then i realised the number of contacts in outlook.com is less than i have on my desktop version....

At this point, i'll cut a long story short - i believe the sync services in outlook 2016 don't work properly (at least for contacts - i havent checked calendars etc yet).... I have tried the process using three different computers, and i tried setting up a brand new profile on the main one - still no luck.

Now, I had used a trial version of companion link a while ago to sync my contacts to gmail - this software worked well, so i thought i'd try it again for outlook.com - I installed the trial version on a second computer and let it do its thing... and guess what - all 1870 of my contacts got synced.....

So, if Companion link can do it... what am i missing here?? surely outlook 2016 should be able to achieve the same?

Any Help or Comments would be appreciated - I am happy to purchase companion link because it works, however, thats why i upgraded to office 365 in the first place - because i thought it might work.....
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