How can I sync Windows (10) Outlook (2016) with other devices - frustrated!

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Hi Diane (and others),

I keep finding references to your blog and your name in my endless search for answers.

I am a (home) Office 365 subscriber, running Office 2016 (64 bit) on Windows 10, an Android phone, an Android tablet and an iPad Mini. I own several of my own domains and a hosting account on a Linux platform (GoDaddy) with unlimited free IMAP accounts.

Actually I started out hosting on a Windows server until I found out GoDaddy only offers POP3 service for free email accounts and I need multiple IMAP accounts.

My Office 365 OneNote app syncs across all platforms and devices without issue. Why can I not have Outlook do the same without paying more money for an Exchange account? Surely there is a way? Why does Outlook seem to operate so differently than other programs and apps that are capable of syncing across multiple platforms/devices?

I thought I discovered a solution way through, where I signed in with my Microsoft id (and Office 365 access) but still my calendar and contacts don't sync - not even with Why is this so difficult to achieve? Am I missing something?

I read your article that was being migrated to Office 365 platform - how can we tell if we're on this platform? Will this solve my issue of not being able to sync?

Basically I'm looking for a way (or workaround) in order to have my mail, contacts and calendar sync on all my devices without paying more money than I already am for hosting and software services. And without moving my mail server away from GoDaddy where my unlimited email accounts and unlimited emails are stored.

Hoping you or another subscriber to these forums can point me to a solution to this annoying problem.


BTW Office 2016 (64) bit is not an option during the new user signup.....
Calendar and Contacts either need to be in or Exchange - or you need to use a utility to sync them with devices.

I thought I discovered a solution way through, where I signed in with my Microsoft id (and Office 365 access) but still my calendar and contacts don't sync - not even with Why is this so difficult to achieve? Am I missing something?

It *should* work. If you create appointments on the devices or at, do they sync? Appointments and contacts in outlook will need to be imported into - your current calendar and contacts won't sync up.

If your account was moved, the header above the inbox will say "Outlook Mail (Preview)". If not, it'll still say "".
Hi Diane,
Thank you for the reply. How do I export or preferably sync my contacts from Outlook on my desktop with

My header says so I guess I haven't been moved yet.

I still don't understand why this is so complicated? Microsoft has enabled sharing/syncing on multiple platforms/devices with OneNote so they have the technology. Full Outlook sync seems to be tied to one paying more money for an Exchange email account. Is there no way around this?

My goal: if possible, I would like to have Outlook (Mail, Contact, Calendar etc.) sync completely on all devices/platforms.

How can I achieve this? Since purchasing the Office 365 subscription, I've delayed establishing contacts/calendar items in my desktop Outlook because having this functionality is one of the main reasons I purchased Office 365 in the first place. I feel partially cheated!

Any help appreciated.
Anyone? Still unresolved and hoping for some answers!
Sorry I missed this earlier. Outlook desktop and should sync well - you add it as the EAS account type (auto account setup will do the correct account type) then you need to move the calendar and contacts. Calendar needs saved as an ics and imported at - unless your account was moved to the new server, then it will be set up as an exchange account and you can move the appointments from one calendar folder to the calendar folder in outlook.
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