Sync Contacts and Calendar with 2 Windows 8.1 and 1 iPod Touch

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How to sync 3 devices for Calendar and Contact information? I am using Microsoft Outlook 2013 on 2 Windows 8.1 computers and iOS apps on 1 iPod Touch (V 6.1.6). I only want to sync calendar and contact, email are already accounted easily because I use only IMAP accounts.

Instead of trying to sync MS Outlook Calendar and Contact with iPod, should I use the new Windows 8.1 apps instead (Calendar and Contacts)? Would this be easier to sync the 3 devices than using MS Outlook 2013 ?
I forgot to write that I have OneDrive and iCloud clouds. Besides the wiring of iPod with one of the computer, I prefer a cloud solution to sync
I don't think the mail app will help - it can't sync to anything except Office 365 business (Exchange) or

You need to use something to facilitate the sync - or iCloud are the usual methods for apple devices. You could also use companionlink.

If you use, you'd set it as the default data file and remove the 'this computer only' folders from the imap account (after moving calendar and contacts to folders).

More information:

ETA: if you don't already have a Microsoft account (well, even if you do), you can create one using your imap account's email address instead of using an address. If you ever send meeting requests, they should use that address.
Thanks Diane,

My goal is to use as much as possible my Microsoft account along with either OneDrive or Office 365 clouds (aren't they the same?) Apple product (iPod Touch) brings the confusion in sharing calendar and contacts.

If I use iCloud, than I figured out that it sync only with Outlook's pst databases while Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync is using Outook's ost databases. I certainly missunderstand something!

I think the following is happeing (please correct all wrong parts):
1. OneDrive/Office 365 (through Exchange ActiveSync) lets me sync contacts and calendar within Outlook between my two PCs. It uses Outlook ost databases
2. iCloud (through iTunes) lets me sync contacts and calendar within iOS (iPoud Touch) with any Outlook pst databases
3. iCloud can not sync Outlook ost databases, only pst databases
4. I can not sync my iPod Touch (pst) with my 2 PC (ost)

I would appreciate more information, so I can sort out the configuration. If I can avoid iCloud path and use path instead, I would like to know more about it. companionlink is a paid solution, is there a free solution (besides already subscription to OneDrive/Office 365) ? I already have a Microsoft account link to my imap account's email address.

The provided information at is good to sync my two PCs, but not the third iOS device (iPod Touch).
if you have account or exchange server mailbox, don't use iCloud. Both of those accounts are "the cloud" and all smart phones will sync with them. Sync the devices with account - make sure you create appointments and contacts in the right account on the phone.
Thanks Diane, it works ... kind of ! I did not know that iOS let us use an Hotmail/Outlook account. I thought wrongly that only iCloud was possible. I could search the internet and found how to setup both PCs and iPod Touch.
Diane, now that my 2 PCs use an Exchange ActiveSync account for Calendar and Contacts and that my iPod Touch sync with the same Hotmail account type, I have to transfert my calendar entries to the new account in MS Outlook. I folow the procedures you wrote here and there

I have problem with the calendar entries. Several entries does not sync properly. I succeeded to "move to" all the entries from my old calendar to the new calendar (Exchange ActiveSync), but only some of them are synchronising ?! I did not copy the entries, I moved them as you suggested to avoid sync problem, but I still have.

I have 3 586 calendar entries, with different recurring frequencies. All the entries moved properly, but only 1 665 entries are synchronising with both the second PC (MS Outlook 2013/365) and iPod Touch. All new entries will sync properly. The problem looks to be tied with old entries. I could not find a trend of which entries are not sync ; it is not related to the recurring frequency.

Any hint would help me :)
I will give it a try and let you know the outcome. Before applying the procedure, how do I purge all entries in calendar so I start fresh with an empty calendar? I did not found a "list view" in Calendar that would speed up deletion of entries over many years.
I will give it a try and let you know the outcome.
Diane, the tip worked partially. I could import the ics file in 2 497 appointments followed properly out of 3 588. This gives a passing rate of 69.6% ! This is a better score than the "move to" command, but still a lot of appointments are not carried over. ics file makes only 1.4 Mb size, thus far from the 10 Mb limit. Any other idea ?
I reimported the ics file into MS Outlook to make sure the export wrote everything in the ics file. I confirm that all 3 588 appointments are in the ics file.
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