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Diane, I want to sync Ol13 calendar and contacts with windows phone 8.1 (lumia 920). (I tried using companionlink but had continual problems with linking devices over wi-fi, it wanting to delete multiple contacts, changed info not syncing. I gave up on it.). I've searched this site but haven't found a solution.

According to MS instructions, I have set up an account, see the contacts folder in Outlook. Copied some contacts into it. It syncs fine with site, and manually with phone.
1. problem is that the contacts that I work with in Outlook are in the outlook folder. "search people" returns contacts from Outlook .pst . any changes don't carry over to these same contacts in folder. Essentially syncing really isn't working. This whole system seems so convoluted that I can't believe that I am doing it correctly. How do I get the contacts in .pst to sync with my phone?
2. I haven't even attempted setting up calendar syncing yet. (The MS article headed "syncing calendar and contacts" doesn't actually talk about calendar. Are there instructions for this that work?
3. Can the phone be set up to sync automatically? rather than have to go into settings>email accounts>sync?


Contacts in a pst won't sync with - they need to be in the folders.

For best results, you need to set the data file as default (not the account, just the data file) and move all contacts and appointments into the folders. (Import appointments using icalendar at

Any changes you make will be done in the contact in Search people should find the contacts too.

Move Calendar to

More info:

The phone should sync automatically. I don't have mine with me (and HTC 8X) so i can't check the settings right now.
thanks for the info.
I just noticed that when viewing calendars and contacts, I have choice of which account to view from. Since I previously only had the one .pst, there wasn't a choice. so.... I can use the file for calendar and contacts, which will then sync? and use the .pst for mail which will operate as before (after reg hack to make "new mail" use .pst email account) ??

Will email other than the one specified in registry value go through the account?

I presume that I still need to save the pst file in order to backup email?

Don't bother backing up the .ost file, since it is on onedrive?

What happens if phone is stolen, and I remotely wipe data. Will this delete calendar and contacts from and thereby my desktop also?[DOUBLEPOST=1408308068,1408289300][/DOUBLEPOST]more: after exporting calendar as ics, whole calendar, with 'full details', importing into calendar appears to show everything. but the calendar on my laptop only shows birthdays, and some of the all day events. No appts during day. and the birthday calendar shows nothing.[DOUBLEPOST=1408308245][/DOUBLEPOST]calendar is now up to date. apparently Outlook was "disconnected". I had to do the "offline" switch to reconnect it.

I still wonder about questions mentioned in previous email.
Remote wipe: It only wipes the data from the phone, not remove it from the server. It's basically the same as reformatting a computer.

Backup: the ost isn't in OneDrive, but the mailbox data is stored on the server and the ost is only accessible using the account that created it. You will need to keep backing up pst files.

How many pst files are in your profile? If you wanted to get rid of the extra calendar and contact folders you could create a new pst file for the email account that is using the data file and then move your mail from the current pst into it. You do want to choose the folders for appointments and contacts - if they are the only calendar and contacts, new items would go there by default.
-I seem to have calendar working ok.
-Contacts: there are some contacts that appear on the laptop, in outlook, in the folder. But they don't appear in People at site. Hence they are not syncing to my phone. so, any ideas how to get the two files to match? and incidentally, how do I manually initiate a sync? I can't find a command for it.
- i am having the issue of Outlook disconnecting. I have installed the Pushduration reg entry. for 5 minutes. Other ideas of how to fix it, short of the offline/online switch?
- I see that doesn't support Outlook's categories. This is an issue for using contacts on phone. Any way to get it to work, or workaround, short of moving contacts, one at a time, into groups (and some will be in more than one group)?
- also, relating to the lack of categories issue. You mentioned "ost is only accessible using the account that created it." To keep from losing my laptop Outlook setup (categories), can I backup the .ost file? So, if disaster strikes, and I set up a new computer, can I copy the .ost to it, establish an Outlook account with same email address and be back where I was: up to date contacts with categories (iow, will the new setup use the old .ost file?)?

sorry about all the questions, but I am not finding the process of using to be simple and straightforward (what else is new?)

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