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I have Office 365, and I want to sync multiple Outlook 2016 calendars and a single Outlook address book on three PCs, two Samsung phones, and a Samsung tablet.

1. I would like to do this only over my WiFi home network, rather than over the internet --- with so many alarming privacy and hacking reports lately, my trust of large corporations such as Microsoft is steadily diminishing. Is such a procedure possible?

This is easily done with addresses by ignoring Outlook and using an individual files for each address. I don't think any Windows or Android calendar, however, uses an individual file for each appointment.

Such a simple question, but after extensive searching, I cannot find satisfactory answers.
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2. If such WiFi syncing is not possible, then I will be forced to do what everyone else does, and risk my data over the internet and with Microsoft.
* Is it possible to use Office 365 to perform these syncs?
* And in particular, is it possible to do this whether or not Outlook on each device has an email account associated with it? (I use only The Bat! for email, but my wife uses an Outlook account for her work email.)

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* Is it possible to use Office 365 to perform these syncs?
Office 365 software, no. Office 365 Exchange online or, yes, but its a cloud service. It's as secure as your password...

I'm not aware of any utility that will sync outlook and samsung (or apple) phones over wifi without using the cloud. There are utilities that will sync outlook to other outlook's on your network.


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Thanks for that, it looks as if I will have to go onto the cloud after all. I have never had so much trouble understanding and configuring a new programme as I have had with Outlook — could I possibly also ask:

1. I have Office 365 Home (5-user). Can I sync with, and have I already paid for this? (I haven't been able to work out the details of yet.)

2. Are the calendar and Contact syncs true syncs, in the sense that if I make a new address and a new CalendarA appointment on my phone, and also make a new address and a new CalendarA appointment on my PC, both contacts and both appointments will show on both devices after syncing?

3. Can I sync all my calendars in the one operation, and can contacts be synced at the same time?

4. Can I create PIM accounts on my three Androids as I have already done on the PCs? I an using MailDroid on the phones and The Bat! on the PCs, so I don't want to confuse things with email accounts.

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Actually.... i might have been wrong about wifi sync - the headline for companionlink says it can sync over wifi. Based on questions 2, 3, and 4, that might be a better solution. It's not free, but has a trial period so you can see if it works for you. You'd be able to create a no mail account just for syncing. There are three other apps listed also on Syncing Outlook with an Android smartphone. (I forgot i had this page)

Create a no mail account Create a No-Mail account in Outlook 2016

To answer the questions...

1. Yes. Actually, for others reading this, you aren't required to use office 365 subscription - it works with Outlook 2007 and up as of this date.

2. Yes, if it is created in the Contacts and Calendar. It normally takes just a few seconds for the sync.

3. Define "All". This will only sync folders stored in, not all Calendar and Contacts on your device or in Outlook.

4. When you use (or Exchange accounts), it's a full mailbox, with all of the folders you'd get in a default pst - it will have an inbox but you don't need to use it for mail.
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