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I've been reading through the Slipstick page on using Hotmail for this Sync calendar and contacts using and any LiveID - Slipstick Systems Is this the recommended method for syncing contacts and calendar "over the air"? I've seen some other techniques using 3rd party software, none seem quite satisfactory. I notice on the Slipstick page it says "If you are going to use the account for Calendar and Contacts only, you only need to set up the account in Outlook and more or copy your appointments and contacts to the Hotmail data file." Does that mean I have to use the Hotmail data file from that point forward, instead of my existing data file? Thanks

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Yes, it's the recommended *free* method for POP3 and IMAP accounts. You need to use the Hotmail data file if you are going to sync calendar and contacts. It helps of you set it as default data file. If you are willing to spend $4 or more per month, you can get an Exchange mailbox, which is the best, especially if you own your email domain.

The advantage of using the same liveid at Hotmail/ as you do for email is that if you send out meetings or accept a meeting, or start an email in contacts, that the reply address will be the same either way - one will just be sent via the Hotmail servers.


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OK thanks, I am going to look into that. What about going the route of using a USB cable to sync Outlook calendar and contacts? I've read about 3rd party applications like CompanionLink? Any thoughts on those? Thanks

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