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Using Outlook 2010 and the Outlook Connector, I've tried Diane's method shown here Sync calendar and contacts using and any LiveID - Slipstick Systems The account gets created in Outlook. When I go to Account Settings/Email tab, it shows up as a MAPI account. But when I go to the Data Files tab, for Location it says "not available". This seems incorrect. And how do I get my calendar and contacts to sync with Hotmail online? The tutorial says "You'll need to move or copy existing appointments and contacts to the new Hotmail data file" but I don't get how to do that. Thanks
I just looked in the Outlook folder in AppData and there is a .ost file that was created. Not sure why Outlook says it is not available. And I still need to figure out how to get the Contacts and Calendar to use it.
"Not available" is correct for the Outlook Connector when Outlook is not running. You should be able to set it as default, if desired. Otherwise, don't worry about it.

After opening Outlook, you can select all in your contacts folder and use the Move to folder command to move the contacts to the Connector's folders. In the Calendar, switch to a list view, then select all and move to the Connector's calendar. See Merging Two Calendar Folders - Slipstick Systems if you need screenshots or a tutorial - the method is the same for any Outlook item, but you will need to use a list view in the Calendar.
OK thanks, I got that working. Can the old Contacts and Calendar be deleted or hidden to ensure that future changes are done in the new Contacts list and Calendar? I am setting this up for someone else, they are not the most savvy user. Do I need to set the new data file as the default to keep the chance of them creating problems at a minimum? Thanks
I would set the Hotmail folder as default.
Regarding getting the info onto the Android phone: in Synchronizing Outlook with a PDA or Smartphone - Slipstick Systems you said "If you have an account with Exchange Active Sync enabled (Gmail, Hotmail, and Exchange server support EAS), you can sync over-the-air. To use EAS, you need to set up the account using the Exchange account option on your device." Do you have a webpage about doing that account setup on the phone? Thanks
I don't have exact instructions for droid because I don't have a droid to verify the steps. I understand that each droid might be different as well and it may only be supported on the newer devices. You need to use as the server address.

When you set up the email account you should have a choice of pop, imap, or exchange. Choose Exchange. Enter as the server name (for any domain in the Hotmail space - msn, Hotmail,, live). I've heard that some people need to use \ format in the username field. If it won't take your address as the username, try leading with a slash.
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