how to detect duplicate email messages?

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I have the same question as the one originally posted here, but I don't see that it was answered in this thread? The answers all seem to address how to remove duplicate emails, but not not how to detect them. I wrote my own tool for removing duplicates, but I'm finding that my tool often removes emails that aren't truly duplicates. I'm currently detecting duplicates by comparing several properties of the email, such as SentOn, Subject, Size, etc.. If they all match, I treat it as duplicate. But this approach has not proven to be reliable. I'm hoping there is some kind of unique ID that is assigned to the email when it is sent by someone. There is a property, called EntryID, that I thought would work, but it turns out that ID is assigned when the email arrives; so two identical emails will have different EntryIDs. Anyone know a more reliable way to detect duplicate emails?

See Duplicate Remover Tools - Slipstick Systems for a list of

duplicate remover tools if you don't want to delete them one by one.


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Is the message id different? That is generated by the sending server if i recall correctly. It's in the message header or use a macro to get it - the code at Outlook VBA Script that gets list of Tasks using the Property Accessor will get the values of selected messages and list them in an email message.

I could be blind, but I don't see message id in the list - try adding this line (and removing the lines you don't need before running the script.)

Call AddToReportIfNotBlank(Report, "PR_INTERNET_MESSAGE_ID", propertyAccessor.GetProperty("" & PT_STRING8))
You can search emails on different criteria such as subject, time, to, bcc etc. To remove the duplicates, you may use a tool from the list as given by Diane above.
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