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I would like to sync Outlook 2013 Calendar and Contacts with my Android, via outlook.com to avoid using any additional software and show any @outlook.com mail address.

It know it is possible with a @outlook.com mail address.

However appointments will be using the @outlook.com mail address and synced to the @outlook.com calendar (including contacts) the computer and not the default calendar and contacts in Outlook 2013 which interacts with other functions in Outlook 2013.

Is it possible to set up outlook.com with my own mail address and sync to default calendar and contacts in Outlook 2013 and avoid the @outlook.com mail been shown any where.

At the moment I am using Companion Link which is doing the job fine, but have to run in the back ground and crashes a bit to often.

Thanks :)

Diane Poremsky

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You can use a microsoft account and sync with that - but if you send back meeting responses, they might have an outlook.com address on it. Office 365 is an option if you own the domain - it'll sync much better but is not free.

I would probably use companion link for new and once your outlook.com account is moved to the new servers, you can then sync using outlook.com. it';s moving to office 365 this summer/fall and that has much better sync.