VB to "reply all" email items stored in a folder of outlook with adding a new message

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Hi All,

i work in a boutique recruitment agency and send job offers to matching profiles through outlook 2010.

Every day we receive 100's of responses saying
1) they just got placed to a firm and not interested

in such cases we move these inbox email items to a different folder and extract their email addresses and not send them emails further until they contact us again.

2) some ask to contact /re email them end of the week ( just to remind )

in such cases we move to a different folder to re-email them. Re sending email takes almost a day ending up half finished as there is a huge chunk piled since beginning of the week, at times we work on sunday's too.

it would be really of a great help to me and few employees here if somebody can help us.

All we need is an outlook vb code to resend the mail items stored in a folder( ref:2)

Basically the procedure to send reminder email is
we press "reply all"
add "reminder" to subject line
and paste reminder message in the body of the email: ( reminder of job opportunity) with signature and unsubscribe line.
then find and delete last line of the previous sent email which contains unsubscribe line, as we are including in current reminder message. (two unsubscribe lines have ended up in receiver's junk).
and hit send button
please add 10 seconds interval between emails.
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