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    Macro/VBA to Reply All, with the original attachments

    My company uses an ERP system that emails our customers their invoices as attachments. For whatever reason, these emails from the ERP system are not delivered to Gmail or Yahoo email accounts, but we have included ourselves as recipients and get it without issue. From there we can Reply All...
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    Replying to calendar item using VBA

    Hello, Wondering if someone can help me. I have created this Macro to reply to emails with a template. It works great until I try and reply to a meeting invite. I get a type mismatch error and I am thinking that it may be that these are .ics items and that's causing the issue. Any help would be...
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    VB to "reply all" email items stored in a folder of outlook with adding a new message

    Hi All, i work in a boutique recruitment agency and send job offers to matching profiles through outlook 2010. Every day we receive 100's of responses saying 1) they just got placed to a firm and not interested in such cases we move these inbox email items to a different folder and extract...