Android Phone E-Mails Not Disappearing After Being Deleted in Outlook 2013

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I recently purchased a netbook with a Windows 8 (Standard) 64 bit OS and Office Home & Business 2013. Since installing Outlook 2013, my smart phone hasn't been deleting e-mails that have previously been deleted in Outlook. If I go to the internet version of my e-mail account, however, and delete e-mails from there (instead of from Outlook) those same e-mails immediately disappear from the phone.

Could it be that since Windows 8 (inexplicably?) requires me to log into my computer via my Hotmail account that it's "confusing" the sync process between Outlook and my HTC EVO 4G smart phone? The four other e-mail accounts I have on my phone update properly whenever I delete an e-mail from my Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo! accounts. It's only when Outlook 2013 is involved that I have problems. I only use my account with Outlook.
My Outlook is POP3 while my phone is IMAP. So how do I change my Outlook from POP to IMAP? Delete the account and start over by substituting IMAP where POP used to be?
Add the account to the profile as an IMAP account then remove the POP3 account. You'll need the server names, which are probably different than the POP server names.
Thanks for your help. I'll call AT&T Support to find out what settings I need for IMAP.
Is this an AT&T address or a yahoo/AT&T account?
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