I want simple syncing between my 3 PCs and Android devices.

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The header says it in a nutshell.

What I want to do seems too simple for any software available!

First, I do NOT want to sync emails. Please do not even mention the word "email" is any suggestions, I'll just skip to Next.

All I want to do is have my three PCs (Home 1, Home 2 and Laptop) and my Android devices (Galaxy S111 and Galaxy 10.1 tablets) keep my CALENDAR, CONTACTS, TASKS and NOTES syncronised whenever they have the means to compare data.

What can be more complicated than that?

If I want to copy or move media files, I'll do that when Iwant to. I don't want to "sync" them.

I travel extensively have infrequently internet access. This kills a Web based option stone dead.

This is all about ME, ME, ME. The ONLY Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes are MINE and the valid ones are those that are with me at that moment in time.

If I make a change on my Laptop without an Internet connection and 10 minutes later another change on my SIII, again not connected to the Internet, the syncing process takes place when each device does have an internet connection. (let's assume Bluetooth or private WiFi isn't available and I don't have the USB cable or a memory stick)

The priority of changes being simply GMT based.

Home 1 has its own network with Open-e NAS drives in RAID for our data and mutli media. In the rack there's a Win7 PC that acts as a rudimentary server for just three functions. It collects emails, is the portal for remote access software and is the ring fenced area for any data, software or device that is associated with the letter i !

Home 1 is our primary data storeage and the network is (in theory) always on-line.

I would imagine it's a Cloud solution but I do NOT want yet another "identity" IE a Google or Microsoft "persona" (remember, don't mention the E word)

I've glanced at the concept of a "Personal" Cloud and whilst I THINK this is the best option, I do not have the knowledge or time to set this up but I certainly have the rack space.

When I speak to IT support companies, they just want to sell me a service at a monthly/annual fee and place ALL my data (7tb and counting) on someones Cloud.

I looked at Office 365 but the dreaded E word was all pervasive.

Any recomendations please?

PS Why my negativity on email?

I use an Open Source program called Virtual Access for email. It's POP3 and the most important feature is the way it "Threads" emails and Newsgroups (and you can manipulate the Threads). It's similar to Thunderbird, just cleaner and better at it. Outlook 2013 Threading? You've got to be joking!
Notes and tasks will be a problem - not all droids support tasks and i don't think any support notes.

Office 365 (or any hosted exchange server) is probably the best option - yes, it's email too, but you don't have to use it for email. Not sure I'd pay $4/mo (or more) for it and not use it for email though. It will work perfectly with the droids (at least for calendar and contacts) & outlook.

VA is a client, correct? (I think that is the client a friend used and on her instance, it tried it for newsgroups years ago but it was more than i needed for just news.) Hosted exchange supports POP3 - so you could still use VA. I don't know if Exchange would break the threading too.

If you just want to sync when you are at home, there are several applications that will work with outlook but i don't think any sync with smartphones. (The phones support Exchange activesync, but i don't think any of the sync software does.) There is one droid sync application that syncs with outlook over a wifi network - i think it is supplied with one of the phone brands but i forget the name (will look for it next).

Sync tools are here: Synchronizing Outlook on Two Machines - Slipstick Systems

Android info here: Syncing Outlook with an Android smartphone - Slipstick Systems

If you had better connectivity, i'd recommend using outlook.com - yes, it's a Microsoft identity, but it works with outlook and smartphones. I don't know how well it works with edited items - if it will ask or merge if there are two edits to sync. Tasks sync only with Outlook 2013, no notes AFAIK. Sync calendar and contacts using Outlook.com and any LiveID - Slipstick Systems
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