Outlook sync to Android Phone

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Outlook version
Outlook 2013 64 bit
Email Account
Outlook.com (as MS Exchange)
I use Outlook 2013. It syncs with Outlook.com. But i dont often go to outlook.com
I just use it as the only way to get mail,contacts and calendar to sync to my phone (sony Android)
At least i think thats how it works.
On Phone,,, I have a number of options to set up new accounts.
I use the EAS option (on my phone) ,,, there is still issues with mail and calendar, but email seems to sync Fine.
Do i also need to set up an Outlook.com account on my phone?
Its been many years now that i have been struggling with this simple task. I think its about time Msoft had it running smoothly.
Not open for further replies.