How-To recover email from Computer Crash

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I had a PC failure with some missing DLL files. XP Pro would not boot and so I had to reload a fresh XP copy by creating a partition within a partition on my PC to avoid any loss of data. The 2 most important banks of data to me are my word and email files. I use Office Enterprise 2007 which contains the Microsoft Outlook program I use for E-mail.

Since I have installed the fresh copy of XP Pro, all my program settings and files have been in a disarray. I had to set up the Email account from scratch and hence lost all my previous e-mails. I had emails from 2004 all the way to 2007 sitting in one of my folders called .PST. I was somehow able to import them into the freshly installed Microsoft Outlook.

What I am unable to do is to import the 2008 email that I believe are sitting in one of the folders namely outlook.pst, backup.pst, archive.pst and backup.pst.

Since the 2008 emails were already in my Office 2007 (Enterprise), I am now at a loss as to why I cannot transfer these files. On another note, I cannot seem to identify these files since all I see is the Microsoft icon. What is the best way to solve this problem. I see the mail folders. When I tried to use your suggested method by creating a new folder and dragging the pst files, all I did was copy the entire pst "AS IS" in my inbox. It did not automatically load the actual messages.

Am I doing something wrong?

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If you have all of the older messages, you need to open the pst in outlook - either tools, account settings, data files then click Add or use File, Open, Outlook Data Files. After you add a pst to the profile, you can drag messages around. Or you can skip opening the pst file and use file, import to import the old pst into the current data file.


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I think I might have confused you sorry.

You cannot just double click on the .PST file to import them. You must open them from INSIDE Outlook.

1. Open outlook
2. Click File - Open - Outlook Data File
a. This should open a browse window. Navigate to the location of your old PST files
3. When you find your OLD .PST file, Click it then Click OK in Browse Window
4. This should open the .PST file into your current Outlook Profile and it should show up on the LEFT side of your Outlook Windows UNDER our Mailbox. The .PST file is usually named the same thing as your INBOX.
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