1. Q

    Problems with Autodiscover Outlook 2016

    We have spoken with almost every tech as MS and GoDaddy about this I think. So far no one has offered a working solution. Two email accounts in our domain have constant issues with Outlook asking for their Password and not accepting what is entered. The same users can connect to their web...
  2. J

    Problem with Outlook 2016 new mail tray icon alert (envelope in the systems tray)

    I use Outlook 2016 with my Gmail email address, and my Outlook.com calendar (which also means I get my outlook.comemail address folders), and up until recently, it worked fine. However when Outlook.com changed to Exchange ActiveSync, and I had to re-add my Outlook.com account to Outlook, I'm...
  3. K

    VBA to move emails in folder to a windows folder

    Hi All, I believe someone must've done this at some time and its widely used. Would be very surprised if not! I have set up various mail rules in Outlook 2016 32b to gather and funnel emails that are from specific suppliers I have accounts with, and drop them in a new folder in my inbox named...