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    Outlook 2013 installation error

    I am trying to install Outlook 2013 on a Windows 7 (latest service pack) machine and just when the install started I got the below error. As far as I know the installation went ahead fine and the Outlook client is working fine. Has anyone seen this error? Not sure if it's even Outlook related...
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    Outlook 2010 "permanently delete all the items and subfolders" not working

    Hi all, I noticed that recently in my Outlook 2010 profile, the "permanently delete all the items and subfolders..." message is displayed when I exit Outlook but even if I click "Yes" on the dialog nothing gets deleted from my mailbox. Seems specific to my mailbox only...seems to work just...
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    Outlook meeting request decline behavior

    I know I am not the first person to run into this issue and wanted to see if this is already been discussed. JOE sends a meeting request to ALICE in Outlook. ALICE declines and JOE gets the decline. His tracking status for the meeting is updated to indicate ALICE has declined. Now JOE goes...
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    Outlook user with 13 shared mailboxes open in profile

    Hi all, I have an Outlook 2010 user (mailbox on Exchange 2010) who has 13 additional shared mailboxes open in their email profile besides their default mailbox. This user is complaining that they don't see new messages arriving in these shared mailboxes and have to manually send/receive to...
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    Outlook dialog about retention policy

    Thanks for your reply Diane! I am more clear on the meaning of the error message now. Yes we do have a retention policy but it's a pretty simple one where everything that's older than a year is moved to the archive mailbox. And this user indicates that these items were being moved from her...
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    Outlook dialog about retention policy

    One of my users gets the following message when moving items from the Inbox to another folder in Outlook 2010 connected to Exchange 2010. We have retention policies configured for moving items older than 1 year to the online archive mailbox. However this message is for items which are less...