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    BCM - restore default settings

    Is there any update to the field label issue? Between Office 2013 H&B installation fiasco, going back to Office 2010 to learn my 2013 BCM Dbase is not compatible and then going back to Office 2013 Pro Plus and it's myriad of updates, one or some resulting in screwing up BCM I'm very frustrated...
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    Is it possible to go from BCM Office 13 back to BCM Office 2010?

    After dealing with Microsoft for WAAAY too many hours and still not getting Office 2013 installed correctly (due to the goofy streaming download POS) I have decided to go back to Office 2010. However all my BCM was done in Office 13 (I know this doesn't make sense but work with me...) Is...
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    Will BCM work with any Office 2013?

    I have been trialing Office 2013 Professional Plus. Now that its time to purchase I'm wondering if I can go with the "Home & Business" version and still be able to install/run BCM. I don't need all the pieces of Pro Plus and it's significantly more expensive. TIA Michael
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    BCM - restore default settings

    Any forward movement on this issue yet? And/or has anyone been able to determine EXACTLY which updates are the culprit? I uninstalled all the updates previously mentioned and it didn't really change anything. As far as removing and re-installing Office goes, my personal experience has been...
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    BCM 13 & Integrated Email Mktg?

    Are there any services available that integrate email mktg with BCM 13? while I admit I haven't yet attempted the Mass Email in BCM a search doesn't offer much info other than using such will convert all html to plain text messaging. I'm currently using Campaigner for my email mktg but trying...
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    RE-install of BCM and previous sync profile conflicts

    It's not a shared DB. I am the only user. The DB and everything is located on my laptop (Win7 Ultimate x64)
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    Other BCM - Outlook sync issues

    Seems like my day for trying to resolve problems... The problem is with syncing and duplicate contacts created in non original source contact folders. I have found that if I create a new BCM lead record from a contact record which is a subfolder nested in the account's (the exchange acct...
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    RE-install of BCM and previous sync profile conflicts

    As per instructions from this forum I did a OS re-install with the related outlook 13/BCM re-install. I restored the backup file taken immediately prior to the SO re-install. However when I attempt to set up sync I get the message "Another Outlook profile is set up to sync Biz Contacts with this...
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    What is BCM written in?

    Great! Only in replies to me... Kinda sounds like the way Outlook/bcm is (not) working for me today. Following un-installing a few of the various updates are listed in the other thread regarding the bad BCM behaviors, everything in BCM stopped working for me. i.e. anything I clicked on would...
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    BCM - restore default settings

    I have my preferences set to NOT install updates without my intervention. I would certainly hope that MS has not decided to override that preference. Is there something going on I'm aware of? i.e. MS has not brought to my attention?
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    What is BCM written in?

    I have also gotten errors when I attempt to reply. It tells me I am attempting to post a duplicate post even though I had not posted the reply. This post is a duplicate of a post that you have posted in the last five minutes. But it is posting...
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    What is BCM written in?

    Other than the Sql 2008 component, what is BCM written in? I'm beginning to be of the mindset the only way I will get what I want need is to do it myself (or hire someone to do it for me.) However I'm at a loss as to what language BCM is written in. Can someone help with this information...
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    BCM - restore default settings

    Something seems to be VERY screwed up in Updates. I was able to find and remove a couple of the KB's listed (but without any change in BCM behavior... it's still showing the goofed up field labels) However now Updates shows a long list on items installed TODAY when I have NOT installed ANY...
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    BCM - Weird behaviour

    I'm experiencing a similar behavior in that whether I can no longer select the "Business" phone number whether in an existing contact or lead record or in a new contact or lead record. i.e. Opening an existing record shows the phone number that was in the "Business" filed but is now showing with...