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    Run Time Error 91 when linking contact to task in VBA

    I have a piece of code that creates a task then links a specified contact to the task. It worked fine in Outlook 2010, however I have recently updated to the most current version of Outlook (Office 365 version 1708) and the Links.Add method is now throwing the run time error 91 with the "object...
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    Select image in contact notes field and save as jpg

    I agree that the iphone does not display the images, but when attached properly, the iphone sync does not remove them. It looks like the problem is that the business card scanner software is not properly attaching the images to the contact so that they will survive the sync. And to be honest, I...
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    Select image in contact notes field and save as jpg

    Thanks for the quick replies. I had looked into attachments collection, however, the tool I am using somehow manages to save a contact item with an image in the notes field with no attachment item associated with it. Don't ask me how! Let me give some background, I am using a tool by Abbyy...
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    Select image in contact notes field and save as jpg

    I am trying to find a way to use VBA to select images found in an Outlook 2010 contact's note field (body) and save them as jpg. I have been searching for a solution for weeks and am at a loss. Any ideas or assistance is sincerely appreciated.
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    Outlook 2010 custom form olk control font size increases everytime form is published

    I have a form with both outlook controls and standard controls. Every time the form is published, the font size for the outlook controls size is increased. The standard controls are not affected. My form has a large number of outlook controls, so any change is an enormous endeavor due to...