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    managing contacts in public folders

    Hi Diane. Thanks for responding. How would I do this? Right now, my personal categories are showing up as categories within public folders as well. How can I have separate categories and colors in public folders that are separate from my individual categories? Does that make sense?
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    managing catergories and colors in shared contacts.

    Is it possible to setup separate categories in shared contacts within public folders for Outlook 2010? For instance, I want to setup universal categories and colors that all office employees can see when viewing shared contacts in public folders that is separate from their personal categories...
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    managing contacts in public folders

    Hi. My company would like to manage our 13,000 email contacts in our 'shared contacts' in Microsoft Outlook 2010. Although, I will import all individual contacts, many of them belong in various 'public folder' groups under the shared contacts. For example, the same contact might be in a...