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    Outlook INBOX emails gone back 2-3 weeks after Exchange Server 2010 Restart

    Hello Diane... You helped me out on a BCM issue several months ago (thanks again) and I'm hoping that you can help me out here again with an issue that's occured a couple of times this year I just can't figure out. Basically, multiple Outlook 2010 clients (Microsoft XP) connected to Exchange...
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    BCM Cannot See Existing Database

    Good morning Diane - Thank you for responding so quickly to my post. I did not create a new windows account, only a new email account onto a new exchange 2010 server (old one completely crashed during an unexpected power outage). I actually found the workaround that you published a while ago to...
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    BCM Cannot See Existing Database

    Thanks in advance for reading my post. Under the account name John T. Smith in Outlook, I set up BCM for outlook 2010 and created my database which I used for 6 months. Due to some Exchange issues recently (which have since been fixed), we had to delete our mail profiles and recreate them. my...
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    mails in my inbox of outlook 2007 tend to go missing after I read them

    Very similar issue to what has been posted here. Here's my story. My IT manager ran windows update on Exchange Server 2007 running on Windows Server 2008 R2 yesterday and during the update, the server rebooted and connection was lost between all open Outlook 2007 clients and the server. When the...