1. N

    Export details to a excel spreadsheet using macros

    Hi All, I'm new here so please bare with me, I run multiple projects with multiple staff needing access to emails currently we just print the emails off and file them in a lever arch file. I'm wanting to create macro to export key details from an email to a project specific email register so...
  2. elzopi

    VBA missing Stationery Picker.

    I have some vba code that I started since Outlook 97, I have modified it through several versions all the way up to 2010, however, now I am at 2013 and it stopped working, I get an Error 91: Object variable with block variable not set. Specifically this piece of code is the culprit in 2013...
  3. B

    you are not responding to the latest message - wrong email

    Using Office 2013 with Intermedia exchange server. When try and respond to and email the message comes up "you are not responding to the latest email in this conversation". Clicking that takes us to another email, but for a different person, subject, and email address. The only thing I see...
  4. E

    Meeting reminders are set for the recipient

    Hello, This topic is about http://www.slipstick.com/exchange/meeting-reminders-are-set-for-the-recipient/. Also about...