1. C

    CreateItemFromTemplate throws OutOfMemoryException

    Hi, we are publishing Outlook forms (*.oft files) using the following code: olMailItem = _olApp.CreateItemFromTemplate(pathToOftFile, _missing) as MailItem; olFormDescription = olMailItem.FormDescription; olFormDescription.DisplayName = "MyDisplayName"...
  2. S

    How to prevent addins

    Is there a way to prevent/block new addins from inserting themselves and activating? Every time Evernote installs a new version it adds two addins that I never use. I have to go in and manually delete them.
  3. oliv-

    How to Run a Script IN AN ADDIN with Outlook's Rules and Alerts

    Hi, I want to run a script in a Rule, it's ok if the script is in the VBAPROJECT, but how to do that if is in an OUTLOOK ADDIN ?