address book

  1. glnz

    Can Word Normal.dotm interfere with Outlook? Office 2016

    At work, my Outlook 2016 32-bit [on my Win 10 Pro 64-bit (v 1903)] has problems, and my IT guys say they probably stem from the custom Normal.dotm I have in Word. In Outlook, my Auto-Complete stopped working - when I start typing names in To or cc, Outlook does not complete them as it used to...
  2. Ajey

    Outlook 2013 Better address book

    Hi, I need the following: The list of users in the address book should be like an excel view, so that the user can easily filter and multiple sort (sort in sort) the view to be able to come up with a filtered list of users From this view, he should be able to multiple select the users The...
  3. J

    Unwanted US Holiday Contact folder in syncs to MAPI/Phone Address book

    Hello. I have used Exchange ActiveSync for several years without issue. I have my calendar and contacts synced and my MAPI desktop file and android phone. I noticed a couple weeks ago that my Phone started showing "Unknown name" for the first half of my contact list (probably a 1300+)...
  4. P

    Is it possible to convert address book to "Auto-Complete List" (NK2)?

    On one of our systems, I recently upgraded from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2016. He did not keep up his address book, instead he just let the system collect the addresses, and he used the Auto-Complete List feature in Outlook to select his address. Through the upgrade, that list has somehow...