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  1. J

    Syncing notes between Outlook 2016/Exchange and Outlook for Android

    Hello, I have a client who uses the Notes function in his Outlook (2016)/32bit/Windows 10 Pro extensively. He has two exchange and two IMAP accounts. One of the Exchange accounts is through We've been using for his contacts/calendaring. His Android smartphone (LG V20) is...
  2. S Sync working, Sync to Android has issues

    Using posts and articles found here, I've successfully Synced two computers using Outlook 2007 and and Gmail. Gmail is the mail account and provides the sync for Calendar. The calendar sync works well with changes moving quickly and calendar categories being synced as...
  3. latitudeit

    Outlook for Android - Sending from an alias address

    I have been trying to setup some of my accounts on office 365 and see if I can replicate the setup I have with google apps but it is taking some effort and I am stuck on 1 issue - I cannot use Outlook for Android to send email from any email address other than the primary account email address...