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    Move or copy from field to field

    Hi , I`m new here and don`t know much about VBA so I have a question is it possible to move or copy category(only name without colours) from the default category field to another user made field i.e: category2, for all selected items (mails) in Outlook 2007 ?? Thank you for any help
  2. Z

    Copy specific email body text

    Hi all, When I receive new email, I need to copy email body text that is between specific two words, like copy text from Hello work to Kind regards word. Email body also, most of the times, contains table. Can someone help me with this? Thank you in advance!
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    Outlook rules don't create a copy for bcc'ed emails

    I have rules to create a copy if an email in addition to what is saved in the sent folder. Commonly, if I send to, I create a rule so a copy of the email is saved to a folder named Doe, Jean. I have lots of rules, and they're a pain to create (hello, MS, why is the basic...