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    [TOOL] QuickModules to sort emails very quickly to multiple folders

    Hello all ;) , I did not find a way to include it in resources so I'm posting it here. This is a project (VBA Outlook) that I've made that really helped me sorting my emails with Outlook when I was managing projects and had many emails coming on various topic I had to follow. Email rules...
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    Sort emails into subfolders based on sender and deleting emails automatically

    Hi All, Sorry in advance if this question has been asked already, I just can't seem to find anything online that I can understand. My experience with VBA is limited to its applications with excel. At the moment, every time I save my spreadsheet at work, it will automatically send that saved...
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    See recent emails from a sender

    In Outlook 2013, when reading an email, there was a small upwards pointing arrow. Click on the arrow and it showed you a list of recent emails from that sender. It was a quick and easy way to find related mail. In Outlook 2016 ...... I can't find it - I've searched every menu, inside out - and...