1. E

    Remove flag automatically

    I saw an old thread with the same question, but it ended up in a dead end. Perhaps today there are new development around this. When I send a message that I just want to make sure I will get a response, I flag it, but once I got the response I just want to remove the flag automatically. Drives...
  2. justicefriends

    How to set a flag to follow up using VBA - for addressee in TO field

    Hi, i have embedded this macro : Public Sub SetCustomFlag() Dim objMsg As Object Set objMsg = GetCurrentItem() With objMsg ' due this week flag .MarkAsTask olMarkThisWeek ' sets a specific due date .TaskDueDate = Now + 3 .FlagRequest = "Call " & objMsg.SenderName...
  3. S

    Change "This Week" flag start date behavior

    When I change a flag to "This Week", it sets a due date of Friday and a start date of two days from today. So, if it is Monday, setting a task to "This Week" will set a start date of Wednesday. I'd rather "This Week" flag choose a start date of "Tomorrow." Is there any way to change this...
  4. T

    Customize Outlook flag

    I had at one time created a two day flag that I used to flag email messages (sent or received) to follow up with in two business days. I believe I even had it in the Quick Steps. Now I can't recall how I did this or find the answer. Please help. Thanks.