font size

  1. S

    Appointment font size when printing only changes Tasks' font

    I'm using Outlook 2016. For the print templates that include a Task List (Daily, Tri-fold), when you change the "Appointments" font it doesn't actually change the font size of the Appointments. Instead, it changes the font size of the Task list, leaving the Appointment fonts the same size. You...
  2. S

    Outlook 2010 unable to change default font

    Hi I am trying to change the default font size in Outlook 2010 (via file, options, mail, stationary and fonts). When I click the Stationary and Fonts button it turns to blue background. Outlook then fails to respond for a while but never opens the form to make the change. I tried the Registry...
  3. Steven

    2007 New PC vs Old PC - Micro Font on Inbound Emails :(

    Posting this is the General Forum, realizing this might become a programming issue! So, I got a new laptop, still have the old ones as well. Using the same installation of Office 2007 on all my machines. Every machine receives new emails in very readable 11.5 font size except for this new...