1. Sabastian Samuel

    HOW DO I FORWARD AN EMAIL WITH MACRO using an email that in the body of another email

    I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT IF SOMEONE COULD HELP ME OUT. IVE BEEN TRYING TO UNDERSTAND MACRO LANGUAGE FOR AGES AND I CANT SEEM TO GET ANYWHERE! HERE IS WHAT I WANT TO DO. I hope this makes sense. ---- I want a macro to read every email that gets sent to my inbox. IF the subject line begins...
  2. S

    Outlook 7 VBA macro for multiple filing

    I can't get this to work. Should move emails to multiple folders based on categories and delete inbox original. It did work and then it didn't. Seems to be a Next or For or If issue! Sub Test() Dim ns As Outlook.NameSpace Dim objItem As Object Dim FolderInbox As...